Terms of Sale


Our kids are born in late February & March

Occasionally in the spring we have milkers available for sale.  This is to make room for the new generation and to help keep our herd manageable.

Buck kids will be available from first-time fresheners as long as we feel the dam has met our quality standards.  We will not sell a buck that we would not keep in our own herd as breeding stock.

If you are interested in a particular animal, a $100 deposit along with a 2nd choice is required. You will be notified immediately of the birth of the desired animal. If the kid of choice is not available or does not meet our criteria for sale the deposit can be refunded, used towards another selection, or held until the following year’s kid crop.  NO REFUNDS ON CANCELLED ORDERS.  Balance is due within 2 weeks of the birth of the kid. If the balance is not received within 2 weeks, the animal will again be offered for sale.  Prices quoted are for pre-ordered kids picked up or shipped by 4 weeks of age.  An additional $10 per week will be charged for kids picked up after 4 weeks of age.  We do not guarantee these prices for animals sold after birth.


Give us a call if you want to 'talk goat'!

To ship, we usually use Continental out of Newark (NJ) Airport.  Any and all transportation costs, crate, and vet certificates/services are the responsibility of the buyer.

There are no guarantees that any animals purchased will become or produce champions.  Management plays a major role in an animal’s outcome, and once the animals leave this property the buyer/owner assumes all responsibility.

We always welcome visitors, as it is a good way to meet our fine animals. Of course, a phone call or e-mail is always a pleasant way to share information or chat about these special breeds. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our herd.

Our goal is for our animals to excel in your herd and for you to be pleased with your purchase!