Vanjust VDR Endless Jazz

Endless Jazz @ 5 months

Vanjust VDR Endless Jazz @ 5 months


American Oberhasli buck
Date of Birth:  2/23/14
YSA:  0-05       VEcV            V

We had been looking for a buck to compliment our herd for quite some time, but were hesitant to do it…we had been happy using our own bloodlines the past fewannielu years. After seeing a picture of Tutelu Annielu, (3 years ago!) we knew just where we were going to inquire about a new buck. Imagine our excitement when we found out that she was a Sparkling Acres 3 Gun Salute daughter!! For 2 years we passed on bringing in an Annielu son, as we just weren’t confident with the sires used for those breedings. This past winter we FINALLY welcomed an Annielu son to our herd!!  Jazz, born in the Vanjust herd of Idaho, comes from bloodlines strong in general appearance and mammary – on BOTH sides of the pedigree. Jazz goes back to the best doe we feel we ever bred, Winter Rose. (and she is on both the maternal & paternal sides of his pedigree!) As expected, Jazz is maturing nicely – he is a good looking, well mannered buck.  Jazz will be used heavily last fall and we can’t wait to see how well he crosses with our does!

Jazz’s Pedigree

sss:  +B Sparkling Acres 3 Gun Salute (EX91 EEE) 2x Nat’l Premier Sire (’12 & ’13)
ss:  *B Ober-D’Rainbow SLT Casio
ssd:  Robla’s Tru Lexmark 5*M
S: *B Vanjust OBRC Derschen
sds:  Vanjust VAW Broadway
sd:  Vanjust VBR Carmen *M (2013 Elite Doe: Breed Leader-protein)
sdd:  Vanjust TTRW Beauty

dss:  Cream-of-Kansas’ ChalisAcclaim
ds:  +B Sparkling Acres 3 Gun Salute (EX91 EEE)
dsd:  SGCH Sparkling Acres Winter Rose  3*M (EX92 EEEE)
D:  SGCH Tutelu Annielu 4*M (EX91 VEEE) (2x Nat’l Res. CH – ’13 & ’14)
dds:   Udderly Crazy MH Toast O’ Town
dd: SGCH Tutelu Victoria 3*M (EX91 EEEE)
ddd:  SGCH Tutelu Nadia 2*m (VG87 VEE+)

Jazz’s dam, Annielu, was the 2013 Reserve National Champion & 2014 Reserve National Champion with Reserve Udder. She was also 2012 Breed Leader – #8 for both protein & butterfat! She’s pretty…AND she milks!!