GCH Sparkling Acres April Wishes *M

Deceased American Oberhasli doe

April as a first freshening 2-year old, May 2010

DOB:  4/28/08

YSA:    0-05     VEcV         V
1-05       V+V         V
LA:       2-01    VEVV    V88

Only the good die young…we try to find comfort in that saying… as April was THE reason we were excited to be attending the 2011 National show.  The hopes and dreams we had rebuilt after having lost so many wonderful does a few years earlier were once again shattered by April’s untimely death.

April’s Linear Appraisal scores reflected an Ec in shoulder assembly, the very trait we brought her sire, Acclaim, in to improve…and, as an unexpected bonus…wow! What an udder!! High and wide in the rear, SMOOTH in the front..and boy, could she milk!   April resembled her dam, and was a long, smoothly blended doe, strong in Dairy Character.  April easily finished her championship in 2010 as a first freshening 2-year old, and also went on that same year to get her milking star.

April’s appraisal scores did her no justice!  A little rolly-polly as a yearling, April was a little ‘over conditioned’ for appraisal (which is why we hate to keep dry yearlings!) As a first freshening 2-year old, our appraiser felt that our appraisal session was too early in April’s lactation for her to score an E in mammary, but thought she has LOTS of promise and  a wonderful future ahead of her.

We couldn’t have been more pleased with April….she was everything we had been striving to achieve in our breeding.  April’s 2010 (single, 12.5 pound) son, Tamperproof, currently resides in Canada, and was the 2011 Reserve GCH at the Canadian National Show. Tamper’s daughter was reserve National Jr. Champion!!  We repeated that breeding in 2011, and were blessed with a buck and doe , both of which were retained in the herd.  Our hopes of getting April to the 2011 National ADGA Show were shattered on Memorial Day Weekend when we lost her to gangrene mastitis.  It all happened so quickly…our hopes & dreams…the best doe we had ever bred, was gone before we even knew what happened.  Our hopes & dreams now center around April’s last kids, For Pete’s Sake and Dream A Little.  We continue to wonder what their future holds…..

April’s Pedigree

Photo at 1 month fresh

sss:  *B Body Shops PF Double Pecan
ssd:  SGCH Seneca Valley’s Crescendo (EX90)    –’93 Reserve Nat’l Champion
ss:  One*Oak*Hill Pecan Accord

Cream-of-Kansas’ ChalisAcclaim
sd:  CH FDF-Pleasant-Fields Challice

sds:  FDF-Pleasant-Fields V. Argus
sdd:  CH One*Oak*Hill Sin Challice   (EX90)

dss:  *B Dynamic HN Anakin (VG89)     –All American “05
dsd:  SGCH Dynamic WT Ginger *M (EX90)    –All American ’01
*B Dynamic California Cruiser
D:  Sparkling Acres Samantha Jade
dd:  SGCH Sparkling Acres Winter Rose 3*M
–’01 1st/1st Nat’l Udder Milking Yrlg; ’05 AGS Nat’l CH; AA ’05/ Res. ’06,
dam of ’12 & ’13 Nat’l Premier Sire
dds:  *B Tonka Tails Highland Regiment (EX90)
ddd:   GCH Windrace Farm Jingle Sparkles   2*M  (VG89)


April is a 1st freshening 2-year old