*B Tonka Tails Highland Regiment

BearAmerican Oberhasli buck

DOB: 3/8/02

LA:  1-05     VEV     VG87
2-03     +VV     G+84
3-05     VEV     VG89
5-03      VEE     EX90

Bear was used so much in our herd, we unfortunately had no choice but to sell him.  Currently living in Central PA, Bear has already proven to be an asset to other breeding programs.  Bear was an invaluable asset to our breeding program…not only did he bring us a pedigree full of National Champions and Premier Sires, but he himself proved to be a beautiful buck that passed on outstanding characteristics to his offspring. We have Bear in the tank, and he will be used again in the near future!

Bear is a tall, long, dairy buck. He has that ideal, beautiful Oberhasli head, an extremely level rump, level back, and a beautiful rear leg set. He is a strong buck with lots of width throughout, including an 8-inch rump….which our ’04 appraiser considered the widest he’s ever seen on an Oberhasli!

Bear is an absolute sweetheart.  He’s strong in both conformation and dairy character, both of which he has proven to pass on to his offspring.  Bear daughters have proven to be some of the most outstanding kids we have ever raised.  Many of Bear’s daughters have gone Junior Champion in large, competitive shows and have received their restricted championship legs at a young age.  Bear’s first milking daughter, Rosie, was 1st place Yearling with 3rd Udder at the 2004 ADGA National Show and 2005 AGS National Senior Champion.  Ellie, a 2004 Bear daughter, was 3rd place Intermediate Kid at Nationals, and 2005 AGS Reserve National Junior Champion.

Bear’s Pedigree


Bear was one of the sweetest, gentlest bucks we've ever known.

sss:  SG ++*B Destiny Farm Rapscallion  (VG89)
ssd:  SGCH Prancing Nik Nak 2*M  (VG88)
ss: SG ++*B F.D.F.-Pleasant-Fields Nick (VG85) –Sire of ’05 Nat’l CH
s: *B Tonka-Tails Lord Paddington   (EX90)
sd: SGCH Body-Shops Blueberry Dumpling  7*M  (EX91)
–’98 Res. Nat’l CH/ Res. Best Udder, ’99 Nat’l CH/Best Udder

sds  ++*B  Lyme Kiln S M Hans Michael
sdd:  Body Shops 21 Cherry Pie 6*M  (EX90)  –5 time (’89-’93) Nat’l CH/Best Udder

dss:  SG ++*B  F.D.F.-Pleasant Fields-Nick  (VG85)-Sire of ’05 Nat’l CH
dsd:  SGCH Tonka-Tails Parsons Divinity  9*M    (EX91)
ds: SG +*B Tonka-Tails Leinenkugel Bock
d: SG Tonka-Tails Lady Nicollette  9*M  (EX90)
–’01 Nat’l 2nd place yearling/2nd Udder

dd: SGCH Tonka-Tails Kendall Rae  8*M  (EX91)
–00 Res. Nat’l CH; ’01 Nat’l CH/Best Udder; Top Ten for Fat & Protein

dds:  GCH +*B Tonka-Tails Court Jester   (EX91)
ddd:  Body Shops Blueberry Dumpling 7*M  (EX91)   –’98 Res. Nat’l CH/ Res. Best Udder, ’99 Nat’l CH/Best Udder