*B Dynamic California Cruiser


American Oberhasli buck
Date of Birth:  3/02/06
YSA:  0-03     VEcEc            Ec
LA: 1-03      VE+         VG86
2-06      AE+         G+80
4-02     VEE          EX90

After looking for a buck to compliment our herd for quite some time, we were happy to welcome Cruiser to our herd in 2006.  Cruiser, born in the Dynamic herd of central California, came from bloodlines strong in general appearance and mammary. It was our hope that the E in shoulders on both sides of Cruiser’s pedigree would carry through in our breedings, and they did!  Cruiser appraised EC at 3 months of age… which we felt was a great start. He matured nicely into a good looking, well mannered buck.  Cruiser’s first daughters in the herd (Sammi & Dreamer) appraised VG88 and VG89 as yearlings!

Cruiser didn’t fare very well in his 2008 appraisal (none of our bucks did) as they were appraised in full rut during a hurricane.  It was foolish to have even appraised our boys…but the success of Cruiser’s first daughters speak volumes!  Cruiser missed appraisal in 2009, while out on lease, but we were super excited when he appraised EX90 in 2010!

We currently have a few Cruiser daughters in our herd, Sammi, Dreamer, Breeze, & Sparkle. At the 2011 National Dairy Goat Show, Sammi placed 5th in her class, Dreamer placed 4th…and…Dreamer & her daughter Sweet Dreams won the Dam & Daughter class!!  We are thrilled with the consistency Cruiser has thrown over the years.  Since Cruiser is now rather closely related to many of the does in our herd, he’s spending some time on lease in Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately, Cruiser was lost during the winter of 2014.

Cruiser’s Pedigree

sss:  +*B Hyonahill Mr. Lincoln
ss:  *B Hyonahill Navigator
ssd:  SGCH Hyonahill Hansa Rose 6*M     (EX90)–‘99 Nat’l 2nd place 4-5 Year Old/2nd udder
S: *B Dynamic HN Anakin  (VG89)     –All American ’05
sds:  Y-Knot Sorek’s Wine Taster

sd:  Dynamic WT Millennium Falcon *M    –All American ’00CruiserHead
sdd:  Comanche-Land Obe Wan

dss:  *B F.D.F.-Pleasant Fields Sorek
ds:  Y-Knot Sorek’s Wine Taster
dsd:  Y-Knot Retsina’s Dancin’ Wine 2*M
D:  SGCH Dynamic WT Ginger *M    (VG89)    –All American ’01
dds:   F.D.F.-Pleasant Fields Apollo
dd: Y-Knot Apollo’s Patrecia (VG87)
ddd:  SG Y-Knot Aladdin’s Possibly *M