Sparkling Acres Julianna Jade

American Oberhasli doe
2011 ADGA Nat’l 4th place 4-Year Old  

Yearling photo taken at Harmony, May, 2010

DOB:  3/04/09

YSA:   0-05       AV+            +
LA:  1-02    +VV+    G+83
2-03    VVV+    G+84

We are so pleased with Sammi, we thought it was only right to keep a few of her daughters in the herd.  Julianna was a little slow to mature, but at the end of the 2010 show season, Julianna proved to be very level, open,  and smoothly blended throughout.  As she continues to mature, we continue to see more and more of her dam in her, which excites us!

During her young stock appraisal, this poor little freshly clipped girl appeared to be hunched over and pretty cold.  We obviously shouldn’t have appraised her.  Her less than desirable scores in rear legs, back, and rump were understandable…but she scored V’s in all other categories, including shoulders and feet.  Although Julianna freshened as a yearling (with a single buck kid) with a typical Acclaim udder…high and wide in the

Julianna, 4 months

rear, smooth in the fore…lots of capacity, and lots of milk, our appraiser commented that she was too fresh at appraisal to score any higher, although she showed lots of promise.  Later that year, Julianna earned her first championship leg  in the AOP division of the PDGA Youth Show where the judge commented on Julianna being a stylish doe that rivaled some of the Oberhasli does in some well known herds out West.

Julianna produced beautiful twin daughters in 2011.  We are impressed with Julianna’s openess, length of body, and ability to milk! Julianna was bred to Cruiser for mid March kids.

Julianna’s Pedigree

Julianna at 3 weeks fresh

sss: *B Body Shops PF Double Pecan
ssd: SGCH Seneca Valley’s Crescendo (EX90) ’93 Reserve Nat’l Champion
ss: One*Oak*Hill Pecan Accord
S: Cream-of-Kansas’ ChalisAcclaim
sd: CH FDF-Pleasant-Fields Challice
sds: FDF-Pleasant-Fields V. Argus
sdd: CH One*Oak*Hill Sin Challice (EX90)

dss:  *B Dynamic HN Anakin (VG89) All American ’05
dsd:  SGCH Dynamic WT Ginger *M   (EX90)    –All American ’01
ds: *B Dynamic California Cruiser
D: Sparkling Acres Samantha Jade (VG89)
dd: SGCH Sparkling Acres Winter Rose 3*M (EX92)
–All American ’05, Reserve All American ’06
dds:  *B Tonka Tails Highland Regiment (EX90)
ddd:  GCH Windrace Farm Jingle Sparkles 2*M  (VG89)