GCH Sparkling Acres Kiara Twist 3*M

Deceased American Oberhasli doe
–2001 National 1st Milking Yearling/1st Udder
–‘01, ‘02, ‘03, ’05, ‘06 All-American
–2004 Reserve All-American

Kiara'nTimDOB: 2/12/01

LA:   1-05     VVEV     VG87
2-05    VVV+     VG87
4-04     VEEV     VG88
5-06     VVEV     VG89

DHIR:  1-01  222  1690  60  49
2-01  200  1949  77 54
4-02  272  1220  58 39

It is with great sadness that we announce the loss of Kiara.  Kiara was put down due to complications of kidding in the early spring of 2008.

Kiara was very correct with a deep body, beautiful wide rump and high, wide, well attached capacious udder. She was the ideal model of the Oberhasli breed, and was everything that we strive to produce in our animals. Kiara passed her outstanding qualities on to her offspring each year. Our first Kiara daughter, Ellie, was more than we had hoped for, as she was our first homebred doe to appraise EX91!! Kiara’s beautiful ’06 daughter, Rae of Hope, resides with Lennie Rae Vangorder in PA.  Just as stunning as her dam, Hope finished her championship as a yearling in an AOP class against Saanens and Alpines!!

Kiara was our first homebred champion, and, next to her dam, Sparkles, the doe that had the biggest influence on our herd.  Kiara and her dam placed 2nd in Dam and Daughter at the 2001 Nationals, standing directly behind the National Champions.  Kiara was a truly outstanding yearling, as, at that same show, she was 1st place national milking yearling with 1st place udder. Kiara continued to be even more stylish as time went on, finishing her championship easily as a 2 year-old and remaining undefeated for a number of years in Champion Challenge classes.  Kiara was also the dam of our 2002 Spotlight Sale buck, *B Sparkling Acres Diamond Rio.  Kiara earned her star for Milk Production, Protein and Butterfat and was always a very consistent milker.

Kiara’s easy-going personality, heart of gold, and love of “her” people made her one very special doe.  Kiara was a patient doe that seemed to love being shown by youngsters.  She is sorely missed, and will always hold a special place within our hearts.

Kiara’s Pedigree

sss:  +*B Clovertops Sir Hatch
ssd:  GCH Destiny Farm Serendipity *M   (VG87)     –’96 National Best Udder of Breed
ss:  *B F.D.F.-Pleasant-Fields Shadow
:  +*B Windrace Farm Shadow Magic Jaz   (EX90)
sd:  SG Pinewood-Acre Jasmine  1*M
sds:  +*B Prancing Neanderthal Man
sdd:  Highwater Rustic

dss:  ++*B Seneca Valley’s Rambeau
dsd:  GCH Seneca Valley’s Bittersweet Mo  4*M
ds:  s: ++*B GCH Seneca Valley’s Red Wildebeest
d:  GCH Windrace Farm Jingle Sparkles 2*M  (VG89)
dd: Meadowsong Paprika Joann 1*M

dds:  GCH +B Swiss Cove Cinnamon’s Paprika
ddd:  Meadowsong Joseph Jody