Kori-Brook Hope On The Rocks

Rocky - Pictured at 4 months old

Rocky – Pictured at 4 months old


American Oberhasli Buck
Date of Birth: March 2, 2013
YSA:  0-05    V+V       V

 We are absolutely THRILLED to have Rocky as an addition to our herd!!  Rocky brings with him a multitude of genetics that we are very happy to be able to tap back into…including what we consider to be 2 of the best does that we ever bred, Kiara Twist & Winter Rose….and his pedigree ultimately goes back to our foundation doe, GCH Windrace Farm Jingle Sparkles!  We are so thankful that our friends at Kori-Brook trusted us with this handsome buck!

Rocky’s Pedigree

sss: ++*B SGCH Tonka Tails Court Jester (EX91)
ssd:  SG Tonka Tails Rae of Hope 9*M (VG87)
ss: *B CH Tonka Tails Tipperary Prince (EX92)
S: Kori-Brook Sweeten The Deal
sd: CH Sparkling Acres SweetSurrender (VG89)

sds: *B Dynamic California Cruiser (EX90)
sdd: Sparkling Acres Sweet N’ Sassy

dss: *B Tonka-Tails Lord Paddington (VG88)
dsd: SGCH Tonka-Tails Lady Nicollette (EX90)
ds*B Tonka-Tails Highland Regiment (EX90)
D: GCH Sparkling Acres Rae of Hope 4*M (VG89, VEEE)
dd: GCH Sparkling Acres Kiara Twist (VG89)
ddd:  GCH Windrace Farm Jingle Sparkles 2*M (VG89)
dds: +*B Windrace Farms Shadow Magic Jaz (EX90)

Rocky.5Rocky at just about 3 months old…the day that we got him…he had NO intentions of cooperating so we could get a good picture!