SGCH Sparkling Acres Jingling Twist *M

3-Year Old All American PhotoAmerican Oberhasli doe
2003,  2005 All American
2004 Reserve All American

Date of Birth:  4/30/01

LA:   2-03      VG88     VEEV
3-02      VG88     VVEE
4-04     VG87      +EEV
5-02      VG88      +EEE
DHIR:   2-11     191     1574     64     46
3-10     305    2890     94     92

Twist, in her day was a powerful doe strong in dairy character and general appearance. She had lots of width between the hocks, and a nice wide, level rump. She was best known for her wide, capacious udder, her beautiful Oberhasli head and face, and strength in feet and legs.  Twist was quite the doe in her time!!  Twist was last appraised at the age of 5 due to a shoulder injury.

With 9 freshenings and 19 kids to her credit, Twist produced only three daughters.  Twist’s daughter Dixie resides in the Welbian Farm herd, and her granddaughter DJ, remains in our herd.  Twist was VERY consistent with the traits she passed on to her offspring. Twist has sons in Maine, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Maryland herds, who have produced permanent champions as well as first place national winners. Twist’s 2005 son, Hot Shot, has done some wonderful things for the Welbian Farm Herd in NY.

We lost Twist in the early fall of 2012 at the age of 11. Twist contributed a lot to our herd, as well as to the Oberhasli breed in general. She will be truly missed!
We are excited to have Twist’s grandaughter in our herd, as she exemplifies the best of her grandam!  

Twist’s Pedigree

sss:  +*B Clovertops Sir Hatch
ssd:  GCH Destiny Farm Serendipity *M   (VG87)   –’96 National Best Udder of Breed
ss:  *B F.D.F.-Pleasant-Fields Shadow
:  +*B Windrace Farm Shadow Magic Jaz   (EX90)
sd: Pinewood-Acre Jasmine  1*M
sds:  +*B Prancing Neanderthal Man
sdd:  Highwater Rustic

dss:  *B FDF-Pleasant-Fields Shadow
dsd:  SG Pinewood Acre Jasmine *M
ds:  +*B Windrace Farm Shadow Magic Jaz (EX90)
: Sparkling Acres Candie Kiss (Kiara’s littermate)
dd:  GCH Windrace Farm Jingle Sparkles 2*M (VG89)
dds:  ++*B GCH Seneca Valley’s Red Wildebeest
ddd:  Meadowsong Paprika Joann *M


Twist, 2005