Sparkling Acres Another Rose


Dry yearling Annie at the GSDGBA Show in May.

Annie (the only full body shot we have!) pictured at weeks.

Annie (the only full body shot we have!) pictured at 1-1/2 weeks.


American Oberhasli doe
DOB:   4/01/13
YSA:     0-4     +++    +
1-07     ++A    +

Annie is just what we needed to help soften our loss of Rosie last winter. Annie was the result of a breeding we had done in hopes of getting ourselves a new herdsire. Although disappointed at first that this kid was a doe rather than the buck that we had hoped for, we are excited about this doe!  Annie’s dam is a maternal sister to 2x National Premier Sire (2012 & 2013) Sparkling Acres 3 Gun Salute!

Born smaller & later than our other 2013 kids, Annie became considered more of a ‘pet’ than she was considered a ‘goat’…often spending evenings in the house watching TV with the kids, even occasionally curled up sleeping on the couch while the dogs laid on the floor.  We’ve had fun watching this little girl grow.

In being forced to make some tough cuts to the herd, we have decided to offer Annie for sale. (We are in no hurry to see Annie leave, as she is a daughter of Breeze, and we would welcome the opportunity to freshen her here at the farm this winter!) Annie isn’t a tall, or wide doe…she isn’t flashy or real competitive in the show ring. But she holds lots of promise, and has a personality we would love to have on all our does! The daughter of Breeze & Pete, we have faith in this doe, and truly believe that she is slow to mature and will become an asset to the right herd. 

Annie’s Pedigree

Annie...spoiled?? We choose to call it being part of the family! What a good little kid she was!

Annie…spoiled?? We choose to call it just being part of the family! What a good little kid she was!

sss: *B Hyonahill Navigator
ssd: Dynamic WT Millennium Falcon *M     –All Amer ’00
ss: *B Dynamic HN Anakin  (VG89)    –All Amer ’05
*B Dynamic California Cruiser (EX90)
sd: SGCH Dynamic WT Ginger *M (VG89)    –All Amer ’01
sds:  Y-Knot Sorek’s Wine Taster
sdd:  Y-Knot Apollo’s Patrecia (VG87)

dss:  *B Dynamic HN Anakin  (VG89)    –All Amer ’05
dsd: SGCH Dynamic WT Ginger *M (VG89)    –All Amer ’01
ds:  *B Dynamic California Cruiser (EX90)
: Sparkling Acres Winter Breeze
dd: SGCH Sparkling Acres Winter Rose (EX92)
–’05 All American, ’06 Reserve All American,
dam of ’12 & ’13 Nat’l Premier Sire

dds:  +*B Tonka Tails Highland Regiment (EX90)
ddd:  GCH Windrace Farm Jingle Sparkles 2*M   (VG89)