SGCH Sparkling Acres Elegant Dream

2011 ADGA National Show – 4th place 4-Year Old Oberhasli Milker


American Oberhasli doe
2011 ADGA Nat’l 5th place 4-Year Old
1st place Dam & Daughter

Date of Birth:  2/26/07
YSA:  0-04    VEcEc           Ec
LA: 1-07     VVEE    VG89
2-07     Not appraised
3-03     Not appraised
4-04     VEEE    EX91
5-05   VEEE  EX91
6-04     Not Appraised

Dreamer is another outstanding doe that has followed in her dam’s footsteps.  She excels in milk production as well as in the show-ring.  Dreamer received her dry leg at the age of 5 months and finished her championship as a 2-year old.  She is a tall, wide doe that is extremely correct and level throughout. .. we feel her appraisal scores say it all!

Here’s another doe with an appraisal excuse…Dreamer, a week or so prior to appraisal, was clipped and fly sprayed in preparation for the State 4-H show.  The next day, Dreamer was in obvious discomfort, and could barely walk.  It took us a few days to diagnose the problem…the fly spray scalded her legs.  Within another few days, there were blisters and welts.  By appraisal day, Dreamer was feeling better, but not well enough to appraise – so she, too, became an appraisal opt out!  Speaking of appraisal excuses…Dreamer had the best excuse possible for not being appraised in 2010…she was dry.  We thought she was bred, but, she obviously wasn’t.

Dreamer couldn’t have made us prouder in 2011!! She placed 4th in her class at the National Show, and, together with her daughter Sweet Dreams, they won the Dam & Daughter class!!  Then, just after Christmas, we learned that Dreamer qualified for her SG status!!

Dreamer was not appraised in 2013, as she didn’t kid until 2 weeks after our appraisal session.

Dreamer’s Pedigree


Dreamer – July, 2009

sss: *B Hyonahill Navigator
ssd: Dynamic WT Millennium Falcon *M —All American ’00
ss: *B Dynamic HN Anakin  (VG89) –All American ’05
: *B Dynamic California Cruiser (EX90)
sd: SGCH Dynamic WT Ginger *M (VG89)  –All American ’01
sds:  Y-Knot Sorek’s Wine Taster
sdd:  Y-Knot Apollo’s Patrecia (VG87)

dss:  +*B Tonka-Tails Lord Paddington   (VG88)
dsd:  SG Tonka-Tails Lady Nicollette  (EX90)
ds: *B Tonka-Tails Highland Regiment (EX90)
D: SGCH Sparkling Acres Simply Elegant (EX91) –’01 Nat’l 3rd Inter. Kid; ’05 AGS Nat’l Jr. CH
dd: GCH Sparkling Acres Kiara Twist 3*M (VG89)
dds:  +*B Windrace Farm Shadow Magic Jaz (EX90)
ddd:  GCH Windrace Farm Jingle Sparkles 2*M  (VG89)