Sparkling Acres Carolina Jazz


American Oberhasli doe
DOB:   3/25/12
YSA:     0-4     EcEcV     Ec
Not appraised as a yearling or 2 year old.

Carolina & her littermate sister Dancer were beautiful kids, both destined to stay in the herd. When our friends at Kori-Brook unexpectedly lost their only 2012 Oberhasli doe kid, Kellie offered Carolina as a replacement. Although we felt both does had tons of potential, Dancer was lost shortly after she freshened as a yearling.  Although only fresh for a short time, Dancer had a near perfect little yearling udder that we were really saddened to lose. When Carolina freshened as a 2-year old, we found that she too, had a beautiful little udder. When Carolina proved to be a bully to her owners young daughter, we decided to bring her back home.  Carolina is stunning and caught the eye of a few judges last fall. She has all the General Appearance & Dairy Character we strive for in our breedings…and we have no doubt that she’ll excel in both the showring & in milk production like her great-grandam Twist.

Although we don’t think Carolina settled the first few times she was bred this year, we are hopeful that she will kid in May, and we anxiously await the day we get to see her freshen for the second time. We truly believe this is going to be one hot little doe, and can’t wait to get her back into the showring!

Carolina’s Pedigree

sss: One*Oak*Hill Pecan Accord
ssd: CH FDF-Pleasant-Fields Challice
ss: Cream-of-Kansas’ ChalisAcclaim
S: CH Sparkling Acres Chasin’ Aces (EX90)
sd: SGCH Sparkling Acres Jingling Twist (VG88)–’03 & ’05 All-Amer.; ’04 Res. A.A.

sds: +*B Windrace Farm Shadow Magic Jaz (VG89)
sdd: Sparkling Acres Candie Kiss

dss: *B Tonka Tails Highland Regiment (EX90)
dsd: Sparkling Acres Magic Foxfire –‘04 All American
ds: CH Sparkling Acres Highland Rebel (EX90)
D: Sparkling Acres Dancin’ In Dixie
dd: Sparkling Acres Dixie Sunshine (VG88)
ddd:  SGCH Sparkling Acres Jingling Twist (VG88)–’03 & ’05 All-Amer.; ’04 Res. A.A.
dds:  Cream-of-Kansas’ ChalisAcclaim