Sparkling Acres Justa Sparkle

Sparkle at the GSDGBA Show in May.

Sparkle at the GSDGBA Show in May, 2014.

Sparkle - Picture taken on 8/03/13            (2-1/2 years old)

Sparkle – Picture taken on 8/03/13 at 2-1/2 years old.


Yearling photo…taken at the Rhinebeck NY Show


American Oberhasli doe DOB:  3/13/11 YSA:     0-3     VEcV             V LA:   1-04    +V++     G+83 2-03   VVVV    VG86 3-04     +VV+   G+85

A real little gift from our favorite doe Rosie, Tim chose the name Sparkle for the little doe, a remembrance of Sparkles, Rosie’s dam & Tim’s first Oberhasli and best friend for 7 years. She is a repeat breeding of Sammi… and we’re amazed at how closely she resembles her full sister.  We’re amazed that, just like Sammi, Sparkle is black.  Sparkle is a beautiful doe, & typical Rosie daughter…long & level. Breeze is a maternal sister to 2x National Premier Sire (2012 & 2013) Sparkling Acres 3 Gun Salute, and a full sister to Breeze! Sparkle excels in dairy character and body capacity. She is long and level across her back & rump, and has a beautiful set to her rear legs. Although Sparkle’s teats are larger than we prefer (that was a trait passed down from Cruiser’s dam), she milks well, and is easy to milk.  Sparkle is the dam to two does that we have retained in the herd, Jessie and Diva, both of which have earned their dry legs in the show ring! Although we feel that Sparkle is a real asset to our herd (we absolutely LOVE her 2 daughters!) we have decided to offer her for sale. (There is no rush for Sparkle to leave…as we would love the opportunity to breed her to Jazz this fall!) Since she is for sale we feel we should mention that Sparkle is not a dominant doe, but she is not passive either. She is not fond of young children.

Junior Champion at the GSDGBA Show, May, 2011

Sparkle’s Pedigree

sss: *B Hyonahill Navigator ssd: Dynamic WT Millennium Falcon *M     –All American ’00
ss: *B Dynamic HN Anakin  (VG89)    –All American ’05
: *B Dynamic California Cruiser (EX90)
sd: SGCH Dynamic WT Ginger *M (VG89)    –All American ’01
sds:  Y-Knot Sorek’s Wine Taster
sdd:  Y-Knot Apollo’s Patrecia (VG87)
dss:  +*B Tonka Tails Lord Paddington   (VG88)
dsd: SG Tonka Tails Lady Nicolette  (VG89)
ds:  +*B Tonka Tails Highland Regiment (EX90)
D: SGCH Sparkling Acres Winter Rose (EX92) –’05 All American, ’06 Reserve All American, dam of ’12 & ’13 Nat’l Premier Sire
dd: GCH Windrace Farm Jingle Sparkles 2*M   (VG89)
dds: ++*B GCH Seneca Valley’s Red Wildebeest
ddd: Meadowsong Paprika Joann