Supplemental Copper

July 22, 2009

Unfortunately, it took us losing some of our best does to find out that we should be supplementing our herd with copper.  A special thanks to Donna Pearce and Mike Binion (Welbian Farms, NY) for explaining their supplement methods and getting us on track.  Since so many other breeders have since asked about how to supplement with Copper, we thought we’d post what we do and where we get the materials.

Jeffers  Livestock Supply Company
—12.5 gm. Copasure Copper Boluses…item #: MG-C1
—Gel Caps (for mature animals)

Your local pharmacy
Triple zero size gel caps (for kids)

For adult animals: Empty the copper out of the Copasure Boluses.  Using the larger end of the clear gel caps, fill it with copper.  Close with the smaller gel cap end.  Administer with a balling gun.  Give one bolus to bucks and does before breeding and again after kidding.

For kids: Open the small gel caps.  Fill the larger end with copper and close.  Administer with a balling gun.  Give one bolus at 2 months of age.  Give another before breeding.

We were thrilled with the results we’ve had with supplementing copper.  Although it is not recommended for all herds, it has certainly worked for us!

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